Who fancies hot girls on bikes? ;-) This was actually quite fun shooting – not just the shooting part but I got the honor to be a passenger on this gorgeous bike both ways. But going back to the pictures – we first intended to shoot on an abandoned airstrip or something like that but only found some for model planes which had been in use this very evening. From quite far away riding on that motorbike I saw these windmills and decided to have a try there – as it turned out it was the right call – I quite like the pictures.

This again was shot using strobist technique. (1 SB bare bottom-left, 1 SB shot in reflective umbrella from top-right)

Now in the last two pictures the wind comes in. We achieved this effect using a fuel powered like reverse vacuumer for removing leaves from sidewalks. This was quite fun as when the machine ran you could not understand a word and it was quite hard to give directions to the model at that time.

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